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Kids can become great at math when the curriculum is tailored to their individual learning style. Our adaptive learning engine, AL™, does just that.

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A good game motivates kids to engage in essential forms of practice. Enter the Gummiiverse™.

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Performance improvement shouldn’t be a mystery. Gummii’s Progress-a-tron™ gives parents real time insight into their child’s development areas.

What is Gummii?

Gummii is an innovative, game-based math learning system that builds kids’ motivation and adapts to their individual learning needs.

It combines research-proven learning techniques with best-in-class game design.

Download Gummii 1.0 from the App Store.

Who is behind Gummii?

Gummii was founded by an exasperated parent, a renowned math educator, and a leading mobile game developer.


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder & Chief Learning Guru




Why do we need Gummii?

The Story
Gummii came about out of parental frustration.

When Stephen's daughter struggled in math, he and his wife struggled to find her help.

A friend suggested a local learning center that used a back-to-basics worksheet-based program.

So they gave it a shot…
… and immediately regretted it.

Read on.

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Gummii Kids
How does Gummii work?
How does it work

Gummii is deceptively simple.

It looks like a game. But it’s a math tutor.

We can’t help kids learn anything if they aren’t in the room.

So Job #1 is getting kids engaged with a fantastic game experience.

Only then do we introduce math as an activity they can choose to do if they want.*

(*To really rack up the points, that is.)

How Does it Work
Where can I get it?
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Gummii 1.0

Gummii 1.0 for iPad is now available for download in the App Store.

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Where can I get it

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
- Rogier van der Heide.

The best inventions have their roots in great thinking.

At Gummii we’ve been inspired and informed by some truly amazing thought leaders—some of whom we’re proud to call friends.

A few have been kind enough to share their ground-breaking work in these very readable books.

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